Player Evaluation Program


The player evaluation program is designed to measure, improve, and inspire the athlete. An objective player evaluation is a critical developmental component to assist the athlete in understanding their current basketball skills level and therefore take the necessary steps to improve.

Skills EvaluatedBasketball I.Q.

Offensive movements (to include):

  • stance/vision
  • starts
  • stops
  • steps
  • turns
  • jumps

Defensive Movements:

  • attack steps
  • retreat step
  • explode step
  • zig zag
  • catch up

Ball Skills:

  • catching
  • passing
  • shooting
  • dribbling

A series of (complex) intense game-like scenarios

Provide instructional drills for improvement

Use position specific skill testing

“Standards” of play

Develop player profile

Monitor progress

(Objective) computerized analysis

94Fifty provides online data storage to easily measure and track shot speed, shooting
arc, ball spin rates, dribble consistency, dribble speed, and more.

By embedding tiny motion sensors inside basketballs, 94Fifty provides a tool that
takes 6,000 measurements per second of any player at any skill level.